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UK goth events listing (cross posted)

If there is still a regularly updated listing for all UK goth events and I'm just in the dark about it, then apologies in advance for this...

Netgoth is down, the International Goth Club Listing misses bits and can be pretty sketchy and outdated, and other sites seem to suffer similar problems. So I thought I'd try and help by compling as accurate a listing for UK goth events as possible. May include festivals and one-off events at some point, just includes clubs for now.
If a night is listed but has changed venue, changed date, or no longer runs- let me know.
If something is listed as unconfirmed and you can confirm it, please do.
If there is a regular night in your area which is for some reason not listed, let me know. Give the date, name, pub or other location it's held in, and city.

The (listed by town) listing so far-

Aberdeen- Elizium @ The Tunnels 1st Sat of every month as of Feb 2006

Basingstoke- Dr Fells @ Bang Bar 3rd Sat of every month

Bedford- Black Planet @ The Angel, 3rd Saturday

Belfast- Cornucopia @ The Rosetta Bar, 1st Sat of every month,

Belfast- Cornucopia’s 80s Night @ Rosetta Bar, 3rd Friday of every month (irregular)

Belfast- Unity @ Lavery’s Bunker, variable dates.

Birmingham- Edwards No8 @ The Newt, Saturdays

Birmingham- Malediction @ Island Bar, 2nd Saturday (added)

Blackpool- Misery of Sound @ West Coast Rock Café, 3rd Friday of every month

Bournemouth- Black Machine @ Portman Hotel, last Sat of every month

Bradford- Dead Stars unknown activity, probably ended (unconfirmed)

Brighton- Nightshade @ Gap Club, bi-monthly

Brighton- Lowlife @ the Engine Room, 4th Saturday

Brighton- Resistance @ the Enigma, 1st Friday

Bristol- Pandoras Box @ The Crown Cellar, last Saturday

Burton-on-Trent- Pitch Black @ The Appleby, 3rd Thursday

Cambridge- The Calling @ The Wheeler, every 2nd Tuesday

Cambridge- Mas @ Cambridge United Football Club, Monthly Friday

Carlisle- Damnation @ Chaplins, every 2nd and 4th Saturday

Colchester- Insanitorium @ Cambridge Arms 1st Friday

Dublin- Dominion @ Cellar Bar, Frazers, every Saturday

Dumfries- Nexus 6, details unknown

Edinburgh- Ascension @ Studio 24, 1st Saturday

Edinburgh- Club Absynth @ Nicol Edwards, last Saturday

Essex- It's a Sin @ the Ballroom, Royal Hotel, Southend, 3rd Friday (added)

Glasgow- Bedlam @ Queen Margaret Union, 4th/ last Saturday

Glasgow- Flux @ Level Four, Strathclye Union, 1st Saturday

Glasgow- Cryotec @ Level One, 4th/Last Thursday

Hemel Hempstead- Embracing the Darkness @ The Venue, alternate Thursdays, (unconfirmed)

Lancaster- Half Life, apparently finished (unconfirmed)

Leeds- The Wendy House @ Leeds University, 3rd Saturday

Leeds- Black Sheep @ Subculture, every Sunday

Leeds- Transmission @ Subculture, second Saturday

Leeds- Black Veil @ the Pack Horse, variable dates

Leicester- Darkscape @ Retribution

Liverpool- Midian @ The Lounge, 1st Saturday

London- B-Movie @ Canal 125, 2nd Friday

London- Being Boiled @ Notting Hill Arts Club, 2nd Tuesday

London- Kryptorium @ London Stone, 2nd Saturday

London- Tanz Macabre @ Arts Theatre Club, 4th Sunday

London- Gordian@ London Stone, 3rd Saturday (changed)

London- Blood and Velvet @ The Old King’s Head, Holloway Road, 3rd Friday

London- Dead and Buried @ The Rocket, 4th/Last Friday

London- Invocation @ The Minories, 3rd/ 4th Saturday

London- The Raven @ Arizona, First Sunday

London- Slimelight @ Electrowerkz, every Saturday

London- Betty Ford Clinic @ SE1, 3rd Friday

London- Xtro @ The Dome, Junction Road, 2nd Friday

London- Electric Dreams @ The Purple Turtle, Camden, 2nd Friday

London- Inferno @ Electric Ballroom, 1st Friday

Luton- The Coven @ The Hat Factory, 2nd Saturday

Manchester- Ara @ Sacred Trinity Church, Church Street, 4th Friday

Manchester- Sin City @ Retrobar, the Basement, 2nd and last Saturday

Manchester- Underworld @Jilly’s, every Friday

Newcastle Upon Tyne- The Charnel House @ Butlers, 1st and 3rd Saturday

Newcastle Upon Tyne- Floorshow @ Head of Steam, 3rd Sunday (band night)

Northampton- Absolution @ the Racehorse Pub, 1st Saturday

Norwich- Chains on Velvet @ The Waterfront, 3rd Friday

Nottingham- Spellbound @ Cookie Club, 1st Thursday (unconfirmed)

Nottingham- The Wake @ Sugar, 3rd Saturday

Nottingham- Nightmare @ Sugar, 2nd Saturday (cyber?)

Oxford- Intrusion @ The Cellar, 2nd Tuesday (confirmed)

Portsmouth- Evoke @ Jongleurs, 1st Sunday (unconfirmed)

Preston- Dark Cide @ Bittersuite, 2nd Saturday

Preston- Afterlife @ Blowing Wild Club, 1st Saturday (goth/erotic/fetish)

Reading- Drop Zone @ Plug’n’Play, 2nd Saturday (changed)

Reading- Church of Madness @ The Rising Sun, every Wednesday

Reading- Nokturnal @The Turks, variable Thursdays

Rotherham- Dead But Dreaming @ Snafu, 2nd Thursday

Sheffield- sYn @ Corporation, every Saturday

Stockton On Tees- Persecution @ The Falchion, Fridays

Wolverhampton- Hex In The City @ The Giffard Arms, every Saturday

York- Darklands @ The Junction, Leeman Road, 2nd Saturday as of Jan 2008

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