delkaetre_ni (delkaetre_ni) wrote in londonclubscene,

UK Goth Club Listing now has a site. (cross posted)

The goth club list is now available HERE. The URL is, if you'd like to put that somewhere for safekeeping.
It doesn't show up on searches yet, since I only threw it together this afternoon.
It will, later, gain a list of festivals and possibly a page for one-off events, and will certainly gain a page for band listings and a page for online stores.
It is basic- no music, no funny cursors, no flashing things, no animations. This is because I want it to work for everyone- I don't want it to turn into the kind of mess that Myspace so easily does, I want it to be functional. Just a neat and tidy site, with a links bar at one side. At no point should this be difficult to navigate, cause you to crash, make noises, or any of those things that can kill a dial up connection and slow down the site's functionality.
What think ye?
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