delkaetre_ni (delkaetre_ni) wrote in londonclubscene,

Tonight, with Special Guests!

It's the third Friday of the month, and that means Blood and Velvet is here to entertain you. This month there are two special treats for those of you who join us, as we have both a band and a guest DJ.
New Project, whose myspace can be found here, will be due onstage at 10.30pm, and before and after their set you can expect plenty of excellent tunes from resident DJs Jussard and Psychozombie.
Which brings us to the other treat- guest DJ Paul Sticks of Dr Fells in Basingstoke is going to be joining the Blood and Velvet team just for tonight, making September's Blood and Velvet an event not to be missed!
Look out for flyers, which will get you £1 off the entry price till 11.30pm.

(yes, I have posted on this community twice already this week. You can be sure my laziness won't let that continue!)
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