delkaetre_ni (delkaetre_ni) wrote in londonclubscene,

Are these clubs still around?

There are a few clubs in the UK Goth Club Listing which have no sites, and some of them I'm finding it nearly impossible to get any hard information for. Can any of you confirm the existence of or provide a homepage for the following? Some of them are definitely still running, but I could use proof in online form and a way to verify dates and locations.
-Bradford, Dead Stars
-Brighton, Nightshade
-Cambridge, Mas
-Dumfries, Nexus 6
-Glasgow, Cryotec 
-Leicester, Darkscape
-Liverpool, Midian
-London, X-tro
-Nottingham, Spellbound
-Wolverhampton, Hex In The City
and that's about it- everything else has full name, date, location and website listings. If you don't see your club listed on the UK Goth Club Listing, please contact me either on LJ, via email, or via the guestbook on the site and give me full details.
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